You will notice whilst playing on the servers, that you see every 5 mins a 5 points tickings. 

This is to redeem in the shop


Type /shop to see what is available.


Type /kit to see the kits available.


Type /points to see how many points you have accumulated.


We really dont have many rules around here, as we want this to be a break from real life, where you can enjoy yourself, without getting bogged down with rules. We have to however put in some basic ground rules, as follows - The servers are pvp, there fore we are happy for players to engage in pvp. Admins do not play on the pvp servers, so you can play in the knowledge that admins will not be chasing you down. The only rules we are harsh on are the following - Cheating, cheating/hacking whatever you want to call it, there is no place for you on our servers and we will remove you. Base/raft/pillar/ dino spamming, there is loads of space for everyone, dont be that guy. Keep the bases to 2 per tribe per server, eg 2 on ragna 2 on the island. Settings mods - We are currently happy with the way things are configured, so please dont come in asking for this and that, we will tell you if we want your opinion on the settings.